Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Celebrate World Environment Day: Pledge to do #OneLess

On June 5, World Environment Day will be kicking off--but what will you do to help protect our planet? The World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) will be kicking off this celebration by asking girls to pledge to do one less thing in their life to reduce their environmental impact and share their pledge on social media using the hashtag #OneLess and #WED2015 (also be sure to tag @wagggs_world on Twitter!). 

What are some ideas that you can give up and make a difference? You can work with your troop to do an environment-related activity or badge (find a list here under "Use these resources") and, based off the activity, reflect on how you can make a lifestyle change that has impact. Not able to do it with your troop? Check out the EPA's student guide for global climate change, which gives some great suggestions on what you can do:

After you've decided what difference you can make, write on a paper or dry erase board what you will you and share on social media (don't forget to include #OneLess #WED2015 @wagggs_world). Like this example:

In order to make real impact, everyone needs to be involved. Therefore, WAGGGS has also released a social media tool kit with other cool ideas on how you can spread the word about #OneLess and get your friends involved:

Be sure to check out the WAGGGS page for other resources, more background info, and ideas here:

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