Wednesday, October 15, 2014

International Day of the Girl Speak Out Event

At the International Day of the Girl Event this past Friday, held at the United Nations in NYC, girls from around the world came together to discuss issues girls face and explore their roles in policymaking. As part of the Speak Out event organized by the Working Group on Girls, girls from around were able to submit their art, videos, poetry, and stories online in the months prior to the Day of the Girl. Top submissions were selected to be presented and performed live in the ECOSOC Chambers of the UN to a full crowd of girls from around the world as well as UN Representatives from different nations and agencies.

The performances were amazing and powerful, a testament to the voices behind the submissions as well as to the talents of the girls who performed the acts. Submission topics included child marriage, body image, depression, peer pressure, and sexual violence. Submissions were true to life and very moving. One video submission of a girl putting on make up while flashing between sexual magazine covers of female celebrities featured no words but spoke volumes on the influence the media has on girls. Another girl who was at the event gave a speech on what it is like to be a girl in elementary school with a disability that drew a standing ovation. A story from a young girl in Africa talked about how she was nearly forced into child marriage at the age of 12 but managed to escape and continue her education. The stories not only spoke of the difficulties of being a girl, but also of how strong girls are at overcoming adversity.

Between each series of acts, a different representative from the UN had the opportunity to speak about how their agency is going to make sure these issues that girls face worldwide are going to be addressed. The commitments by these agencies brought tangible results to the experience and make sure that actions would be taken.

More Photos:

Girl Scouts from Mexico!

Working Group on Girls Co-Chairs, including Adwoa Aidoo (speaking) of Girl Scouts USA

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

UN Working Group on Girls Looking for Girl Advocates

From a recent press release from the Working Group on Girls:

2014-2015 is the fifth year the Working Group on Girls (WGG) is training and mentoring girls (freshmen or sophomores in high school) to advocate on behalf of girls within the United Nations system. WGG Girl Advocates work with the WGG’s Girls Participation Task Force. Each year we strive to have girls involved in the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) in March at the United Nations and other high level events at the UN.

What is the Working Group on Girls or WGG? 

The Working Group on Girls (WGG) is dedicated to promoting the human rights of girls in all areas and stages of her life, advancing the inclusion and status of girls and assisting them to develop their full potential as women. The WGG advocates for the ongoing inclusion and development of girls’ rights in the work of the United Nation system and works to promote the active participation of girls as agents of change. For more information about the WGG please visit

What is a WGG Girl Advocate? 

In keeping with our commitment to promote the active participation of girls as agents of change, WGG Girl Advocates work with us to “make girls visible” within the UN System. Girl advocates have the opportunity to: Be a girl delegate for the 59th Women (CSW 59) at the United Nations in March 2015; Learn how the UN system interacts with non-profit organizations; Meet other girls, women and organizations engaged in the girls’ rights movement; Gain an in-depth understanding of the issues and topics that affect girls and their communities around the world; Help plan advocacy events for the UN community; session of the Commission on the Status of © Working Group on Girls 2014 Meet with members of the UN community such as diplomats, nonprofit leaders, and activists for girls’ rights; and Participate in WGG taskforces and committees such as Girls Against Violence, Advocacy, or Girls Participation Taskforce.

Who can apply? 

What are the requirements to be a WGG Girl Advocate? WGG encourages girls between 9th Attend and participate in WGG membership meetings from November 2014 through June 2015. Meetings are held 2:00PM to 4:00PM on the 1st of the month in New York City. If Girl Advocates are available during the summer months, opportunities do exist for participation and that involvement is encouraged. Participate in assigned WGG taskforces or committees. Participate in the Teen Orientation to CSW 59(mid-March 2015) Attend and participate in the Commission on the Status of Women meetings from March 9 Complete up to three hours of work per week, including meetings, required readings, and reporting.


WGG Girl Advocates must have:
A deep interest in global girl issues
Strong organizational & public speaking skills
Familiarity with basic computer programs
Engaged in social media activism

How to Apply: 

Applications should be submitted via email by Wednesday, October 15, 2014.

More info and full application available here: