Friday, October 23, 2015

'All Rise' Documentary Screening at UN. November 4 (RSVP OCT 29)

On November 4 there will be a screening of the documentary All Rise: Journeys to a Just Worldwhich will be shown in the ECOSOC Chamber at UN Headquarters. The honorable Judge Hisashi Owada will be speaking at this event, and the documentary will be followed by a Q&A session with cast members from the film.

More info about the film:[3425-ALL RISE Trailer]/0/

RSVP (by October 29):

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Global to Local: UN Team Hosts Workshop on New WAGGGS Material

The WAGGGS UN team event, held yesterday in New York City, brought together troop leaders from Staten Island, Manhattan, New Jersey, and Heart of the Hudson! This workshop in particularly aimed at exposing troop leaders to the latest materials from WAGGGS: the new World Thinking Day materials (Connect 10 Million) and the very recent International Day of the Girl materials (10 Million Voices). The WAGGGS UN

Team worked to ensure that the workshop was especially interactive and exciting, allowing the troop leaders to discuss and explore the brand new Global Goals, which World Thinking Day and International Day of the Girl focus on.

What are the new Global Goals? Released on September 25, they are a set of priorities for all countries around the world that will help to address hunger, poverty, and social injustice. Each of the 17 goals focuses on one of the four themes: people, planet, peace, and prosperity. In 2017, each country will have national indicators that will help the public and non-profit organizations to hold their governments accountable to their commitments. As a result, it is essential that all people--young and not-so-young, girls and boys, parents and their children--learn about the goals so that they can be a part of this process and work towards a better world for their fellow citizens and the world.

Below are the resources discussed in the workshop, as well as some additional resources related to the Global Goals and the UN. I will also add these resources to the "resources" tab on this blog so you can find them again in the future!


WAGGGS International Day of the Girl 2015 (great activity ideas you can do right now!):

WAGGGS World Thinking Day (WTD isn't until February, but it is important to start thinking about it now with your other troop leaders, and there are many activities you can use at any time too!):

Kid-friendly (elementary-level) activity book on Global Goals:

Global Goals Lesson Plans:

World’s Largest Lesson Video: 6.5min 

Global Goals comic book (great resource to discuss the Global Goals with your children! Please note this is a work in progress!):

Youth Gateway: The UN Youth Envoy has created a “youth gateway” to get youth involved in the Global Goals and holding their governments accountable to the indicators. To be continued as we’re waiting for the indicators to com out (around January), but it is good to sign up now to get their emails and get involved:

Global Goals Background Resources

The following are great resources for troop leaders to learn more about the Global Goals, or for having your girls use to do their own (or small group) research:

Sustainable development goals: changing the world in 17 steps – interactive: Interactive "map" that shows the differences between the MDGs (the goals set for 2000-2015) and the new Global Goals. Click on the Global Goals and it will bring you to a description of the goal:

Sustainable Development Goals: All you Need to Know: This is a great overview of the goals. Please note that the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are the "technical" term for the Global Goals:

UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network (under "Key resources" they list some great resources that might be helpful to leaders to look at before working with girls, or to have older girls themselves look at to do research if needed): 

Other UN-Related Resources: 

This is a comprehensive list of UN teaching resources shared by the UN and its agencies:

Model UN Resources: 

Guardian Article: “How to teach… the UN”:

Committee on Teaching About the UN (CTAUN) Resources:

Saturday, October 10, 2015

International Day of the Girl Action Opportunity: ACT NOW

 Tomorrow is the official International Day of the Girl! Please spread the word by joining in the Thunderclap--we still need over a hundred more people to sign up! If we have 250 people sign up, then on the International Day of the Girl, a wave of social media will go out with the following message:

What is a Thunderclap?

If you sign up for the Thunderclap, you can have the message shared on your Facebook, Twitter, and/or Tumblr page! If enough people sign up, then Thunderclap will push out the message at the same moment on all registrants' social media accounts (only the ones that they signed up with!). Thunderclap will ONLY push messages that you sign up for and they will only do it to accounts that you have told Thunderclap it can push to.


What is International Day of the Girl?

The Day of the Girl Summit brings girls and girl-serving organizations together to celebrate the International Day of the Girl. The Summit has become a movement; a year-long, action-oriented virtual platform for change makers to leverage community resources in support the advancement of girls’ human rights. This year, thousands more of girls, boys, adults, teachers, leaders, politicians and hundreds more of organizations, will show their support for the celebration of the unique and special role girls play in the world.

More info on the International Day of the Girl can be found here:

Thursday, October 8, 2015

WAGGGS and the Adoption of the UN Global Goals

Three young women, Emily Rodriguez (USA), Kristen Grennan (USA), and Tsinjoharinosy Rahaingoarivelo (Madagascar) were among 193 young leaders who participated in the opening ceremony of the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit in New York City on September 25, 2015. Tsinjo is one of WAGGGS’ Post-2015 Ambassadors. Kristen and Emily are members of the WAGGGS NYC-based UN team.

 This UN Summit was historical because of the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals (known as Global Goals). The 17 Global Goals include ending poverty and hunger, improving health and education, achieving gender equality, and protecting oceans and forests. The Global Goals will guide development strategies around the world for the next 15 years!

 In 2012, Emily participated the UN Conference on Sustainable Development (known as Rio+20) in Brazil. The new Global Goals were first formally discussed at Rio+20, along with the idea of including individuals in the decision making process of selecting these goals. Kristen became part of that initiative with her involvement as an intern at the UN’s Millennium Campaign and MY World global survey last spring. Tsinjo has been a WAGGGS Post-2015 Ambassador since 2013, and she has been attending international conferences and meetings to advocate for girls.

WAGGGS Delegates at the Adoption of the Global Goals

 WAGGGS Lights Lanterns and Leads the Way 

 Our day at the United Nations was incredibly exciting! We joined young leaders (under age 30) from around the world at 5:30 am, catching the sunrise over the UN courtyard! The youth selected to participate included official national youth delegates and representatives from youth organizations, such as WAGGGS.

 We were welcomed by the UN Envoy on Youth, Ahmad Alhendawi in the morning. After we took our seats in the balcony of the UN General Assembly Hall, we anticipated presentations by Pope Francis, Malala Yousafzai, and Ban Ki-moon. Pope Francis encouraged us to take care of the environment and to put an end to exclusion. He discussed the importance of education, including for girls. Together with 193 youth from around the globe, we supported Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala, an activist for girls’ education and empowerment, during her speech. We stood with her in solidarity. We held solar-powered blue lanterns, lighting the way to a sustainable future for all children and youth. Emily, Kristen, and Tsinjo’s solar lanterns represented the 10 million WAGGGS members around the world! Malala raised her voice for girls’ rights and hope for our future. Tsinjo had the very special opportunity to sit behind Malala during the ceremony!

 At the end of the opening ceremony at the UN General Assembly, the Sustainable Development Goals were adopted with the official gavel, and we celebrated by waving UN flags from the balcony! WAGGGS delegates celebrated the adoption of the Global Goals with a spirit of achievement for all of our collective efforts over the last three years. The adoption of the goals gives us hope and encouragement!

 It was an honor to be a part of the historic adoption of Global Goals! Ban Ki-moon emphasized that youth are the torchbearers for the Global Goals. As Girl Guides and Girl Scouts, we have a responsibility to implement the Global Goals in our communities! What do you want the world to look like in 2030? Learn more about the Global Goals on:

 By Emily, Kristen, and Tsinjo

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Major Group on Children & Youth (MGCY) wants your success story!

Please see below for the MGCY call for submissions! Sorry for posting last minute:

We are extending our open call for success stories until October 8th, at 23:59 GMT/UTC.

What is this project about?

We want to hear your story about your project in humanitarian action! The UN MGCY WHS Youth Working Group is opening a call for success stories, which will show the world that youth are ready and capable to change our own society and future, through their contributions to and rethinking of the humanitarian architecture. We are looking for examples where you, the young people of the world, have started up a project that addresses a disaster or armed conflict. This can be a local project within your own community, but it can also have a larger scope.

We are not looking for projects focused on development or eradication of poverty, but actions linked to relief or response, as well as preparedness and resilience. Most importantly, your initiative has in an innovative way addressed needs that you see in a sustainable way.

The UN MGCY WHS Youth Working Group aims to share selected stories widely, as an example of young people’s contributions within humanitarian actions.

What is in it for you? 

If selected, your project will be broadcasted within our working group (which has already over 2,000 members!) on our social media channels reaching thousands of external partners, on our frequently visited website and we will also feature it during the Global Consultation for the World Humanitarian Summit in Geneva in October. This event will gather over 900 actors in humanitarian relief: NGOs, organizations and governments!

How can you submit your own project or initiative? 

 You will submit your success story by sending us an abstract of maximum 400 words at Please include in your abstract all the following information: how your project is run and what is its objective; who (for example individuals or an organization) and how many are running the project; who and how many benefits from the project; what are the results so far; and what the follow-up actions are. Any pictures, videos or other documentation that you have showcasing your story can be attached to the abstract using this form.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Engagement Opportunity: UN World Humanitarian Summit

YOU can help choose the priorities for the World Humanitarian Summit! Show your support for the actions needed to transform humanitarian action!

Under the "Dignity" section, there are two options that might be of particular interest to those following this blog: "Guarantee protection and education for children, and engage youth as partners in emergency preparedness and response," and, "Close the gender gap by ensuring funding and programming enables women and girls to realize their rights, including protection from gender-based violence." If these options resonate with you, it would be great if you could take the survey and select them to show that women/girls and children/youth are important parts of the humanitarian process when responding to crisis!

Click HERE: Share this with all your friends and networks to show our leaders, and the agencies and organizations that WE care about YOUTH and GIRLS and want more support and more youth leadership in humanitarian action!

Event hashtags: #WHSyouth #ReShapeAid

More Info on the World Humanitarian Summit

The UN's first World Humanitarian Summit will be held in Istanbul on 23 and 24 May 2016 and will bring together governments, humanitarian organizations, people affected by humanitarian crises and new partners including the private sector to propose solutions to our most pressing challenges and set an agenda to keep humanitarian action fit for the future.