Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Major Group on Children & Youth (MGCY) wants your success story!

Please see below for the MGCY call for submissions! Sorry for posting last minute:

We are extending our open call for success stories until October 8th, at 23:59 GMT/UTC.

What is this project about?

We want to hear your story about your project in humanitarian action! The UN MGCY WHS Youth Working Group is opening a call for success stories, which will show the world that youth are ready and capable to change our own society and future, through their contributions to and rethinking of the humanitarian architecture. We are looking for examples where you, the young people of the world, have started up a project that addresses a disaster or armed conflict. This can be a local project within your own community, but it can also have a larger scope.

We are not looking for projects focused on development or eradication of poverty, but actions linked to relief or response, as well as preparedness and resilience. Most importantly, your initiative has in an innovative way addressed needs that you see in a sustainable way.

The UN MGCY WHS Youth Working Group aims to share selected stories widely, as an example of young people’s contributions within humanitarian actions.

What is in it for you? 

If selected, your project will be broadcasted within our working group (which has already over 2,000 members!) on our social media channels reaching thousands of external partners, on our frequently visited website and we will also feature it during the Global Consultation for the World Humanitarian Summit in Geneva in October. This event will gather over 900 actors in humanitarian relief: NGOs, organizations and governments!

How can you submit your own project or initiative? 

 You will submit your success story by sending us an abstract of maximum 400 words at whsdop@childrenyouth.org. Please include in your abstract all the following information: how your project is run and what is its objective; who (for example individuals or an organization) and how many are running the project; who and how many benefits from the project; what are the results so far; and what the follow-up actions are. Any pictures, videos or other documentation that you have showcasing your story can be attached to the abstract using this form.

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  1. Do the applications to join the team still go to WAGGGS first? Could you please tell me who they are emailed to? Thanks! -Alison