Wednesday, October 15, 2014

International Day of the Girl Speak Out Event

At the International Day of the Girl Event this past Friday, held at the United Nations in NYC, girls from around the world came together to discuss issues girls face and explore their roles in policymaking. As part of the Speak Out event organized by the Working Group on Girls, girls from around were able to submit their art, videos, poetry, and stories online in the months prior to the Day of the Girl. Top submissions were selected to be presented and performed live in the ECOSOC Chambers of the UN to a full crowd of girls from around the world as well as UN Representatives from different nations and agencies.

The performances were amazing and powerful, a testament to the voices behind the submissions as well as to the talents of the girls who performed the acts. Submission topics included child marriage, body image, depression, peer pressure, and sexual violence. Submissions were true to life and very moving. One video submission of a girl putting on make up while flashing between sexual magazine covers of female celebrities featured no words but spoke volumes on the influence the media has on girls. Another girl who was at the event gave a speech on what it is like to be a girl in elementary school with a disability that drew a standing ovation. A story from a young girl in Africa talked about how she was nearly forced into child marriage at the age of 12 but managed to escape and continue her education. The stories not only spoke of the difficulties of being a girl, but also of how strong girls are at overcoming adversity.

Between each series of acts, a different representative from the UN had the opportunity to speak about how their agency is going to make sure these issues that girls face worldwide are going to be addressed. The commitments by these agencies brought tangible results to the experience and make sure that actions would be taken.

More Photos:

Girl Scouts from Mexico!

Working Group on Girls Co-Chairs, including Adwoa Aidoo (speaking) of Girl Scouts USA

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