Monday, May 4, 2015

UNHATE News Contest: Submissions Due May 31

The United Nations Department of Public Information, in cooperation with the UNHATEFoundation, launched the UNHATE NEWS initiative as part of its efforts to create a world without hate and where human rights are recognized. They previously hosted a contest collecting good news that youth hope to hear one day in the future, and now their current contest is trying to turn this imagined news into reality!

Their current contest is calling for young people (students and young university faculty) ages 18-30 to envision local projects that are in line with the goals of UNHATE in their community. Each finalist will be awarded 20,000euros (approximately $22,000) to implement their project idea!

According to a recent press release, "We now invite university/college students and members of faculty, between the ages of eighteen and thirty, around the world, to develop, prepare, and present a specific initiative at the local or community level that clearly promotes the ideal of tolerance, respect for diversity and harmony within and between peoples as part of the UNHATE Foundation's/UNAI International Diversity Contest... Entries may be submitted by individuals or by groups of individuals who have collaborated in defining the project."

The project should be related to one of the following themes:

  • women’s rights 
    • maternal health 
    • violence against women 
    • women and unemployment 
    • women’s empowerment 
    • women’s health 
  • sustainable development and human rights, in particular: 
    • religious tolerance 
    • the right to water 
    • LGBTI rights 
    • the right to housing 
    • the right to education

A 1000 word proposal, as well as a few other documents, will need to be emailed by May 31. Full details about about what to submit and how to apply are available here:

Here is a video related to the original campaign around the news we want to hear and violence against women:

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