Thursday, July 30, 2015

Sign up NOW for August 12 UN Event for International Youth Day!

This August 12 is International Youth Day! This is an internationally recognized day to celebrate youth. This year's theme is on civic engagement. Civic engagement is defined as: the encouragement of the general public to become involved in the political process and the issues that affect them.

On August 12, there will be an International Youth Day event held at the UN headquarters in NYC! This event is meant for youth (under 25 years old) and is an exciting opportunity for you to go to the UN and have your voice heard, while also meeting other young people who are passionate about global issues and social justice. You can register for the event here:

Didn't get picked for the event or can't get to NYC? Create your own event in your community! The UN's Envoy on Youth has some excellent suggestions for you to take with your troop, friends, or community organization. Or, you can take action online.

More information here:

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