Monday, March 24, 2014

Women's Human Rights (W's HR) App

There is an excellent app available for anyone in need of legal information and documents on international women's and human rights. The goal is to make these documents readily accessible to anyone around the world. The app is sponsored by the government of Switzerland and is available for IOS, Android, and Blackberry.

More Info:

The app's search function allows users to quickly find the texts of international conventions, UN resolutions, declarations and other documents relating to various women's human rights and gender issues: from early marriage, to sexual violence to the economic empowerment of women.
From the app's "About" page:

About the Women's Human Rights' App

W’sHR App is a practical tool for easy access to relevant international legal instruments as well as agreed language contained in 128 UN documents on women’s human rights adopted by UN bodies. In addition, it also comprises a range of regional documents. This new innovative tool serves stakeholders as a basis for strong argumentation and allows for more coherent and efficient negotiation processes. It helps to safeguard negotiated achievements and to make further progress in the field of women’s human rights and gender equality.

W’sHR App has a clear and user-friendly structure based on over 100 keywords. For each keyword it provides an overview, keyword-related legal basis and agreed UN language.

In this section, the users will find a short introduction to each keyword. Each overview is based on definitions developed by specialized UN agencies, and/or stipulated in relevant legal instruments and other UN documents approved by UN Member States. Other relevant keywords are cross-referenced where necessary to give a comprehensive understanding of the issue.

Legal basis: 
The purpose of this section is to directly link the keyword to the core legal basis of the issue. The section presents the relevant provisions of international legal instruments, complemented by a selection of important regional legal instruments.

Relevant articles of 18 UN human rights conventions and other international legal instruments are directly linked to each keyword.

This section enables the users to take into account relevant legal provisions from 23 regional instruments and documents adopted by the African Union, the Organisation of American States, the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations and the Council of Europe.

Even though the selection of legal instruments proposed is comprehensive, it is not exhaustive.

Agreed language:
The agreed language from intergovernmental processes is based on 87 texts that we consider to be particularly important for the human rights of women and gender equality. These texts have been negotiated and approved by UN Member States within the framework of, amongst others, Conferences, the General Assembly, the Economic and Social Council, the Commission on the Status of Women, the Human Rights Council, the Security Council as well as the Commission on Population and Development, and were adopted by consensus.

This section is divided into preambular paragraphs (PP) and operational paragraphs (OP), including "additional agreed language." If agreed language is identically used in different texts, the most recent text has been chosen.

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