Sunday, November 24, 2013

Food Focus Event: Recap!

Girls look out at the view from the Dana Center
Recently, the World Assn of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) UN NYC Team hosted an event "Food Focus: Enough for Everyone!" to raise awareness about food waste. Over 30 Junior girls (grades 4-5) from the Girl Scouts of Greater New York attended the event, which was held on November 9 in the beautiful Dana Center in the north end of Central Park. Girls who participated in the event earned the WAGGGS Climate Challenge Badge (more info on the badge available here: "Think, Eat, Save" t-shirts and youth magazines on food & the environment were provided by UN Environment Programme (UNEP) for all of the girls who attended the event. Oxfam provided informational booklets on food waste, paper place mats with food facts on them, and stickers for girls to take home. Special thank you to our youth volunteers from the Forever Green Leadership Team (more info on the team is available here:

Girls making their own compost bins to take home with them




"The Rotten Journey" by Wildlife Watch UK:
Discussion Questions on "The Rotten Journey"
1. What did the apple core eventually become? (soil)
2. How long does composting take? (many months)
3. What are some things you can compost? (apple, grass, paper, etc.)
4. What do you need to break down the items into soil? (oxygen, water, worms)
5. What were the benefits to composting? (benefits the plants)

"Food Wastage Footprint" by FAO
Questions on "Food Wastage Footprint"
1. What are some of the negatives of food waste? (wasted food, money, water, land, carbon emissions)
2. If food is not fit for humans, who could it be given to? (animals)
3. What are some other food waste solutions provided in the video? (adjusting prices of irregular shaped food, storing food, food portions, adjust sell by date)
4. What is the base of the food waste pyramid? (minimize landfill)
5. Who can play a role in reducing food waste? (producer, supermarket, household, restaurant, nation)

Girls watch the two short videos


Oxfam booklets that were distributed at the event are available online here:

TUNZA, the youth component of the UN Environment Programme (UNEP), has a website with information for children & youth to get involved in saving the environment:

A girl presents the "advertisement" she made on composting
YUNGA, or the Youth & UN Global Alliance, has some great information and resources on climate change:

The FAO, or the Food & Agriculture Organization of the UN, which was a co-sponsor of the Climate Change badge, has a ton of climate change information available here:

Information on composting in New York City:

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